‘A woman that doesn’t spend money on you, doesn’t love you’ – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man on Twitter has stirred a mild debate on the platform after he tweeted that when a woman doesn’t spend on you, it means she doesn’t like you.

The Nigerian man who goes by handle (@Danny_Walterr) wrote on his Twitter page:

“If she doesn’t spend on you then she doesn’t like you. Women have money.”


The one-sentence tweet generated tons of reactions on the Twitter app.

One person commented:

“What if she’s naturally stingy but loves me even more than who’s willing to spend lavishly on me?”.

A female agreeing to the post commented:

“I know how I usually spend on guys I like. When I was younger I would save up my food money just so I can get a gift for my crush on his birthday. Though I am wiser now to only spend on who likes me back. Can’t waste my money on a guy who does not care again.”

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