OPM pastor offers help to homeless actor Kenneth Aguba

Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere – the founder and general overseer of Omega Power Ministry (OPM) – has offered to help homeless Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba.

Shortly after news of Aguba’s homeless situation hit the internet, the preacher indicated his interest to help the actor via a Facebook post.

Apostle Chinyere stated in his post that he is offering Kenneth Aguba free accommodation in the male wing of OPM estate and urged anyone with information on how to reach him to come forward with his contact details.

“Who knows the contact of this actor should tell him to contact me immediately. Instead of him sleeping on the streets, I apostle Chibuzor Chinyere GO of OPM is giving him free accommodation in one of the OPM free estates. But I will not be establishing any business for him, only free accommodation. FEEDING? No problem. Is on record that OPM male estates which have been on from the old location to the new location have been feeding the men since 2017 which is 5 years free of charge. And all the females rescued from the streets, which we have been feeding since 2016 that is 6 good years free of charge. So as long as he is in the male estate, feeding would not be a problem for him. But I will not be establishing any business for him. And he can stay free of charge at the estate forever. Everything is fully funded through tithes and offerings in OPM Church”

Kenneth Aguba is a Nollywood actor known for his mostly voiceless roles in Nigerian movies. Aguba has disappeared from the acting scene for a long while. A source close to the industry told DNB Stories Africa that the “change in the style of Nollywood movies” led to the actor’s difficulty in getting roles.

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  1. Nollywood don’t pay the man well and nollywood is hearthless thank to the pastor OPM for helping him with free accomodation and feeding i am very gratefull reading this news once again thanks to the OPM Pastor.

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