How many children does Celine Dion have?

Who is Celine Dion?

Celine Dion is a French-Canadian singer. Dubbed the “Queen of Power Ballads”, Celine Dion is known for her award-winning albums like “1 Fille and 4 Types” (2003), “Taking Chances” (2007), “Sans Attendre” (2012), and “Courage” (2019).

Celine Dion was born on March 30, 1968, in Charlemagne, Québec. She is the last of 14 children born to Thérèśe Tanguay (mother) and Adhémar Dion (father). As of 2023, Celine Dion is 65 years old.

About Celine Dion’s parents and siblings

Celine Dion is the youngest child of Thérèśe Tanguay (mother) and Adhémar Dion (father). Her mother was said to be a homemaker, while her father worked as a butcher. The singer lost her father on November 30, 2003.

List of Celine Dion’s siblings

Celine Dion has 13 older siblings. Detailed information about all of Celine Dion’s siblings is scarce in the media as of the time of writing. While some of Celine Dion’s siblings have passed, others are still alive.

Dion lost one of her brothers named Daniel to cancer two days after she lost her husband in 2016. The day Daniel died also coincided with her late husband’s posthumous birthday.

Below is a list of Celine Dion’s siblings:

  1. Denise Dion
  2. Clement Dion
  3. Claudette Dion
  4. Liette Dion
  5. Michel Dion
  6. Louise Dion
  7. Jacques Dion
  8. Daniel Dion
  9. Ghislaine Dion
  10. Linda Dion
  11. Manon Dion
  12. Paul Dion
  13. Pauline Dion

About Celine Dion’s relationships and marriage

As of the time of publishing this article, Celine Dion is a widow and has not remarried. The singer lost her husband René Angélil in 2016.

Dion and René Angélil were married for 21 years before René died of cancer in 2016. Celine Dion and René Angélil have three children together but Celine Dion was stepmother to René Angélil’s three other children from his two previous relationships.

List of Celine Dion’s past relationships

According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Celine Dion had no other publicly known relationship except her marriage with her late husband. She met René Angélil at the young age of 12 and he later became the only man in her life.

Despite their 26-year age gap, Dion and René Angélil maintained a scandal-free marriage for many years.

Celine Dion and her three sons at René Angélil’s funeral.

About Celine Dion’s relationship with René Angélil

Réne Angélil was a Canadian music producer, singer, actor, and writer. Aside from being her husband, René Angélil was also Celine Dion’s manager before his demise.

René Angélil was born on January 16, 1942, in Montreal, Quebec, to a Syrian father and a Lebanese mother. He died of throat cancer on January 14, 2016, at age 73 after being diagnosed in 1999. He was buried in Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal on January 22, 2016. He started his career in 1961 as a pop singer and later became one of the co-owners of Schwartz’s Deli in 2012.

René Angélil had been married twice and was a father of three children before his marriage to Celine Dion. He was first married to Denyse Duquette in 1966 and they divorced after 6 years in 1972. Their union was blessed with a son. He remarried singer Anne Réne two years after in 1974 and they divorced after 12 years in 1986. He had 2 children with Anne.

Celine Dion met her late husband in 1980 when she was just age 12 and he was already in his late 30s. The duo met through one of Celine Dion’s brothers and René Angélil later became Dion’s manager.

According to reports, Celine Dion had always had a crush on her husband despite that he was a two-time divorcee and was very much older than her. They both maintained a professional relationship up until 1988. Reports had it that Réne had mortgaged his house to finance Celine Dion’s first album in 1981.

Celine Dion and René Angélil moved from being business partners to lovers in April 1988 after she won the Eurovision song contest in Dublin at the age of 20. They kept their affair very private for 5 years and only went public after their engagement. They got engaged on March 30, 1993, on Dion’s 25th birthday and she made the relationship public in the liner notes of her 1993 album “The Color Of My Love”.

Celine Dion and René Angélil walked down the aisle on December 17, 1994, at Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec. They renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas after 5 years of marriage on January 5, 2000.

Their union is blessed with three children but Celine Dion inherited three stepchildren from Angélil’s previous marriages.

Celine Dion has been open about how much she loved René Angélil. She revealed to The Sun, one year after his death that she has never met or kissed another man in her life except Réne.

She said:

“Rene has prepared me for all my life since I’m 12. I have never met another man in my life, never kissed another man in my life. I miss him a lot. I miss him a lot – for my partner, for the man I was embracing, kissing, making love with. My worries, my dreams”.

Celine Dion and her late husband René Angélil.

Celine Dion’s children

Celine Dion has three male children with her late husband René Angélil. She also inherited three stepchildren from her late husband’s previous marriages.

According to reports, Dion experienced some delay before she could have her own children and had to go undergo two procedures at a fertility clinic in New York in 2000 to improve her chances of conceiving after many years of failed attempts.

She had her first child Réne-Charles Angélil a year after the procedure in 2001. She suffered a miscarriage after 8 years in 2009 after which Angélil announced that she was 14 weeks pregnant with twins after a sixth attempt of IVF.

Dion successfully delivered a set of fraternal twins in October 2010 through caesarean section and appeared with them on the cover of the December 2010 issue of the Canadian edition of Hello! Magazine. The twins are named Eddy Angélil and Nelson Angélil respectively.

List of Celine Dion’s children

Celine Dion has three biological sons and three stepchildren which includes a girl and two boys.

Below is the list of Celine’s children and stepchildren:

  1. Réne-Charles Angélil
  2. Eddy Angélil
  3. Nelson Angélil
  4. Patrick Angélil
  5. Jean-Pierre Angélil
  6. Anne-Marie Angélil

a. Réne-Charles Angélil

Réne-Charles Angélil is Celine’s first child with her late husband. He was born on January 25, 2001. He is 22 years old as of 2023. According to reports, Réne-Charles Angélil has shown interest in music. He released 6 rap songs under the name “Big Tip” in May 2018 on his now-deleted SoundCloud account. The songs included originals such as “The Kid”, “The Apple”, “Never Stop” and two adaptations of The Weeknd’s songs “Sidewalks” and “Loft Music”.

He also released a 5-track EP titled “Casi No. 5” using the stage name RC Angélil in December 2020. Réne-Charles Angélil seems to be living a relatively private life as there is no detailed information about his personal life.

Celine Dion and her first son Réne-Charles Angélil.

b. Eddy Angélil

Eddy Angélil is one of Dion’s fraternal twins. He was born on October 23, 2010, at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is 12 years old as of June 2023. Reports had it that his mother had named him after French songwriter Eddy Marnay who produced Dion’s first 5 albums and wrote many songs for her.

c. Nelson Angélil

Nelson Angélil is Eddy’s fraternal twin brother. His birth information is the same as Eddy’s. He was named after the ex-South African president, Nelson Mandela.

The twins.

d. Patrick Angélil

Patrick Angélil is Celine Dion’s first stepchild. Patrick Angélil is from her late husband’s first marriage with Denyse Duquette. He was born on June 28, 1968. He is 54 years old as of the time of publishing this post. There is very little information about Patrick Angélil in the media as he seems to be maintaining a private life.

e. Jean-Pierre Angélil

Jean-Pierre Angélil is Celine Dion’s second stepchild. He is from Réne Angélil’s second marriage with Anne Réne. He was born on March 23, 1974. He is 49 years old as of 2023. Jean-Pierre also seems to be living a quiet life like his stepbrother Patrick.

Anne-Marie Angélil.

f. Anne-Marie Angélil

Anne-Marie Angélil is Celine Dion’s last stepchild and they seem to share a good bond. She was born on June 12, 1977. She is the second child Anne Réne had with Angélil. She is 46 years old as of 2023. Anne-Marie Angélil is a media personality. She is reportedly married to famous singer Marc with whom she shares three children named Anthony, Stella, and Lenny.

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