Liyah Mai’s Biography: Family, Career, Boyfriends, Net Worth

Who is Liyah Mai?

Liyah Mai is a Somali-British model and social media influencer. She is known for flaunting her curvaceous physique on social media.

Liyah Mai was born on March 5, 1999, in London. She is 24 years old as of 2023. Mai is of mixed ethnicity, however, detailed information about her background and upbringing is currently scarce in the media.

About Liyah Mai’s parents

Information about Liyah Mai’s parents is scarce in the media as of the time of publishing this article. According to reports, her father is Somali (Black African) while her mother is White.

About Liyah Mai’s siblings

It is currently not known if Liyah Mai has any siblings or not as the social media star does not frequently discuss her family.

Liyah Mai (Instagram – @liyahmai)

About Liyah Mai’s surgery

Liyah Mai is rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks and get her curvaceous shape. Liyah Mai does not readily address these claims.

How tall is Liyah Mai?

Liyah Mai’s height is currently measured to be 5″5 inches or 165cm.

Wiki profile of Liyah Mai

Full nameLiyah Mai
Age24 years old
Parents N/A
Place of birth London
Marital status Single
Alma materN/A
Boyfriend Central Cee (ex)
Height5″5 inches
CareerModel, Socialite
Net worth $500,000 (est.)

How Liyah Mai started her career

Liyah Mai started her career as a model when she was around 16 years old. She joined Instagram in 2017 where she frequently posted glamorous images of herself. She joined YouTube in 2019 and started sharing dance and lip-sync videos. Steadily, her followership grew and Liyah Mai is now often cited as one of UK’s social media celebrities of her age.

Liyah Mai has also appeared on fashion and beauty YouTube channels like “Get Ready With Me” and “My Girlfriend”. She has also modelled for brands like Fashion Nova and Boohoo. Her popularity on social media has helped her bag more modelling gigs as well as endorsement deals.

About Liyah Mai’s marriage and wedding

Liyah Mai is neither married nor publicly engaged to anyone as of the time of publishing this article. The socialite is reportedly single, has never been married (as of the time of writing) and does not yet have a husband.

It was speculated in 2020 that Liyah Mai was in a relationship with British rapper, Central Cee. Liyah Mai is mentioned as Central Cee’s ex-girlfriend in some reports.

List of Liyah Mai’s past relationships and boyfriends

Despite her popularity on social media, Liyah Mai does not share much information about her romantic engagements. Apart from her alleged affair with Central Cee, Mai has not been publicly linked with any other boyfriend as of the time of writing.

Liyah Mai (Instagram – @liyahmai)

Liyah Mai and Central Cee’s relationship (2020)

Liyah Mai was speculated to have been in an affair with British rapper, Central Cee, in 2020, after she shared a video of them getting cosy on social media. The speculations originally started after Central Cee mentioned Liyah Mai’s name in his 2020 song “Loading” where he rapped:

It’s time that I find me a wife
More time I don’t have no type
But I wouldn’t mind me a Liyah Mai (okay, okay)
Treat her right I try (alright, alright)

Liyah Mai’s children

As of the time of publishing this article (November 2023), Liyah Mai is not a mother and does not have any children yet.

Liyah Mai’s net worth

Liyah Mai has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of the time of publishing this article. She gets most of her income from her career as a social media influencer and model.

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