Mark Angel denies being beaten up by #ENDSARS protesters

Nigerian comedian, Mark Angel has reacted to a viral video alleging he was recently beaten up by #ENDSARS protesters.

Mark Angel said the news of him being beaten up or almost by #ENDSARS protesters is false.

The comedian said the incident being described of the video is far from what actually happened. According to Mark Angel, the protesters had gathered to attack a driver who accidentally hit one of them and he only stepped in to calm the situation down.

Mark Angel said it was why he was trying to advise the protesters to spare the driver that someone recorded the video and was screaming “You dey use us do comedy, abi?”

The comedian said the chants were unrelated to what was actually happening that moment. He urged his fans not to be distracted by the video and focus on the real objective of the demonstrations which is to see an end to all forms of police violence in Nigeria.

Watch video here.

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