Nigerian cross-dresser James Brown trends on Twitter after #ENDSARS video

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser James Brown is currently trending on Twitter following a video he made about the ongoing campaign to bring an end to the dreaded SARS police unit.

In the video, James Brown revealed he has been a victim of the brutality of SARS in the past and says he supports the movement to end SARS.

James Brown said he was once harassed and beaten up by SARS officers for wearing makeup and painted nails and behaving like a woman. James Brown said one of the officers called him gay and slapped him.

Watch the video of Nigerian cross-dresser James Brown campaigning for SARS to be scrapped:

Who is James Brown?

James Brown is a Nigerian social media personality and dancer who came to limelight in 2018 after a video of him defending he is not gay went viral on social media.

James Brown who is often called “The didn’t caught me” by people trying to make fun was arrested alongside 56 others after police raided a birthday party in Egbeda, Lagos and tagged all of them gay.

James Brown’s real name is James Obialor and he is currently 21 years old.

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