First thing people say when mass shooting is announced meme EXPLAINED

A meme containing the words: “The first thing people say when a mass shooting is announced” plus an image of “Golden Girls” star, Betty White has gone viral on different social media platforms, from Instagram to Twitter and also Facebook.

The meme which was reposted by American comedian Chris Rock on his Instagram account appears to suggest that most perpetrators of mass shootings in America are White males.

The “Betty White” reference comes from a play on the saying: “Bet he White”, suggesting that is the first thing people say on hearing about a mass shooting.

Rock, 56, received some backlash after he posted the meme with some calling him “a racist”.

However, there is some statistical data suggesting most mass shootings in America are indeed carried out by White men.

According to, 66 out of the 124 mass shootings recorded in the United States between 1982 and May 2021 were carried out by white shooters, compared to 21 Black shooters and 10 Latino shooters.

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