Details of Dr Donald Cline – the doctor from Netflix’s ‘Our Father’

Who is Dr Donald Cline?

Dr Donald Cline is an American fertility doctor whose evil act of impregnating his patients with his own sperm was exposed in a new Netflix documentary titled “Our Father“.

Before his crimes were found out, Dr Cline was at one time considered to be one of the best fertility doctors in Indianapolis. He had started his practice in 1979, a time when there weren’t so many fertility specialists in Indiana.

The crimes of Dr Donald Cline

For up to 30 years, according to reports, Dr Donald Cline helped hundreds of women with fertility issues get pregnant. His acts were legendary and most of his satisfied patients told awesome reviews of his practice. This was all way before the advent of DNA testing which revealed the unimaginable- Dr Donald Cline had been inseminating his patients with his own sperm. And to add to the shock, he did this without their knowledge. So, most of his patients went home not knowing they were carrying Cline’s baby. Dr Donald Cline is said to have fathered over 90 children during the period of his practice.

Dr Donald Cline on Netflix

A new Netflix documentary titled “Our Father” is based on Dr Donald Cline’s crimes. According to reports, he denied the filmmakers’ invitation to participate in the film. He was portrayed by actor Keith Boyle in the documentary.

Where is Dr Donald Cline? Is he alive?

According to reports, Dr Donald Cline is alive (as of May 2022) and currently lives as a free man in Indianapolis, Indiana. In fact, he lives in the same neighbourhood with some of the children he fathered through the unethical act, according to a 2019 report by The Atlantic.

Dr Donald Cline’s punishment

When his story came out, everyone wanted to know what penalty Dr Donald Cline faced for his actions. If you have seen the Netflix documentary, you may get offended at the scene where a lawyer played down what Dr Cline did. According to the lawyer, Cline’s actions were not considered a case of rape, at least according to Indiana state law.

Dr Donald Cline was charged only with obstruction of justice in 2017, for lying about impregnating his patients with his own sperm. Dr Donald Cline’s medical license was revoked due to what he did, but he had already retired at the time. So it seemed basically pointless anyway. He was also asked to pay a measly $500 fine and served only a single year of probation. And that was it.

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