All about BBC Hausa and its stations and channels

BBC Hausa is the Hausa language medium of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

It is one of the three language services of the BBC in Nigeria; the others being BBC Yoruba and BBC Igbo. BBC Hausa was launched on March 13, 1957, making it one of the earliest indigenous language services of the BBC to be established in Africa and the first in Nigeria.

BBC added 6 new native language services in Africa in 2017, bringing the total foreign language services of the network to a total of 33, as of press time.

The 6 new language services of the BBC established in Africa in 2017 include:

  • BBC Afaan Oromo
  • BBC Amharic
  • BBC Tigrinya
  • BBC Igbo
  • BBC Yoruba and
  • BBC Nigerian Pidgin.

BBC Hausa mediums of service

BBC Hausa distributes news and other related content through two mediums:

  • The BBC Hausa Radio Network and
  • The BBC Hausa Website

BBC Hausa is currently one of the biggest indigenous language services of the BBC in the whole of Africa.

BBC Hausa office

While the BBC Hausa radio broadcast is done from the BBC headquarters in London called “Broadcasting House”, part of the work is done here through the BBC Bureau Office located in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

BBC Hausa serves all the Hausa-speaking residents of West Africa, predominantly in Nigeria, Niger, and Ghana. According to reports, BBC Hausa radio gets up to 17 million listeners every week.

BBC Hausa Channels and Stations

The following Nigerian radio stations have partnered with BBC to rebroadcast some of its Hausa programmes:

  1. Radio Gotel – 917 kHz AM in Yola, Adamawa State
  2. BRTV – 94.5FM in Maiduguri, Borno State
  3. Freedom Radio – 99.5FM in Kano, Jigawa State and Kaduna States
  4. PRTV – 88.65 FM, 92.1 FM, 90.5 FM, and 1313 kHz AM in Jos, Plateau State
  5. Rima Radio – 97.1FM, 540 kHz AM in Sokoto, Sokoto State

Other BBC Hausa channels of communication

BBC Hausa Mobile Apps

You can now also listen to BBC Hausa by downloading the BBC News Hausa mobile app to your Android or iPhone devices. Just search for the app on your device’s respective app store.

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